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21 March 2010


You are such an artist. I love everything that streams from your hands.

Bless you, Tana. It's so nice to get a comment that isn't a badly couched pimp for Cheap Viagra or a resort in Thailand.

Very exciting to watch your garden grow.

I was searching this morning for photos of Jaune Flammé tomatoes and found your absolutely stunning cross section of a perfectly ripe fruit. Now I'm eager to read back through your blog and pleased to see you're coming back to it. I couldn't possibly resist someone who blogs about gardening & cooking AND links to Jimmy Kunstler!

Your blog is always an inspiration, and a joy to read.

Growing things may be a little hit and miss with the weather can be so unpredictable but you are so lucky to live in Vermont. I am from england and came to Vermont years ago on holiday - loved it so much we came back again the next year. Can't afford to travel now (kids!) but when I have the means I will be back.

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