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21 December 2009


wow...if anyone can convert me it would be you

How could you go wrong with all those tasty ingredients?

Happy New Year!


What a beautiful blog!!
Thank you for your fruitcake recipe in particular. November is a long,long way off, but now I'm feeling confident and ready. Thanks especially for the pertinent links and particularly to the the Market Hall Foods link as it has been impossible to find quality candied fruits that are not saturated with additives, preservatives and dyes. Maybe that's the reason people don't like fruitcakes...all those nasty chemicals make ones mouth itch!
I also love the note you enclose with your gift cakes. Smart cookie! Ill be doing the same thing and with luck will get some of my fruitcake gifts returned!
Thanks and happy holidays.

Truly wish I had the time to put into this. They sound and look absolutely decadent. My experience with fruitcake has never been good. But, the one fan in the family (my grandmother) always tried to sway my judgement. Could you be talked into selling and shipping to another state?

Rachel, I do sell a small number of them. They're a bit dear – $35 + shipping, but well worth it, I think.

Use the 'Email Me' link at the upper left of the page to contact me if you're really interested.

Once the cakes are completely cooled and wrapped in plastic wrap, how do you store them while working through the week of liquor brushing prior to release into the wild?

You could keep them in a large tupperware or cookie tins. Because I make so many of them (3 dozen last year), I actually keep them unwrapped in several large flat lidded plastic trays (from a restaurant supply). I line the trays with bourbon-soaked cheesecloth, so the cakes sit on several layers and then have several layers on top. When I want to 'feed' them, I just remove the lid, peel back the cheesecloth, and brush each cake with about 1 TBSP of bourbon, then replace the cheesecloth layer and lid.

This is a very late post, but maybe someone will see it and find it helpful.

I have made a huge fruitcake recipe. I found that for the final mixing (when the fruits and nuts are incorporated into a relatively small amount of batter) a large roasting pan worked very well. And I did have to mix it with my hands at this point.

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