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24 September 2009


Is anything better than a gingersnap dipped in milk? It's the only time I drink milk! Not crazy about candied ginger, but I'm going to give these a try anywaY! They look great!

These make my mouth water, George. I will definitely try them... Did Clayton ever tell you about the culinary archive where he works?
You should roadtrip this way sometime...
Best, MB

MB, I'm in awe of the collection Clayton has at his disposal. The Janice Longone archive is well-known in certain culinary circles (the Egghead ones). I'd be the envy of many if I had a chance to pore through the stacks there. Some day.

C. did give me a facsimile reprint of Malinda Russell's cookbook – I intend to make a blog post or two of it.

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