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16 June 2009


Please don't restrain yourself. A picture says a thousand words, and NOBODY's going to be upset if you show more of your lovely life, girlfriend.


Love the far away, closer in, very close, UP CLOSE sequence of the photos, ending in the dewey garlic. poetry.

Scapes!!!! And what lovely scapes, at that. These are so hard to find, but oh so delicious. Maybe I need to just start growing my own garlic!

Grub sucking nematodes is indeed a lovely sequence of worms. My issues are cute little wee bunnies that like my cucumber, even though I am providing him/her with lettuce and various other goodies AND zucchini that are supposed to have both male and female flowers but have decided to both choose male only.

Are your sure? The season's early yet. The zukes usually put out a bunch of male flowers before they finally get around to the fecund girls. Be patient. And hope the bunny doesn't get them first.

Oooh that's good to know. Your sproutlings look lovely.

We've got a similar herb garden here in Perth Western Australia - made using an old swimming pool & milk crates! Lots of compost is making our rosemary, lemon grass, spinach. chillies etc very happy

I love your raised beds! They look so neat. And I'm glad to find out about the nematodes. We get Japanese beetles every year, and didn't think anything but poison would defeat them (and I don't want poison on the food, I tell my husband, because that's the point of growing it!) I'll order some too, and see how they do.

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