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27 May 2009


That root cellar will be built this year! I can no longer procrastinate. Besides, Yestermorrow has the class just in time. Welcome back from your work induced absence.

Nice blog....check out my stuff about canning:

When I opened your blog, I almost wept. Thirty five years ago, while living in Wyoming, I canned tomatoes, made pickles, baked all our bread, brewed beef broth - we were poor but healthy and happy. You are inspiring - thanks - for the memories - and for hope for the future.

Reading the NYT this morning, with my cup of coffee, I was thinking - Oh yes, and GG Mora would approve of this article. Thinking of your pretty labels and jars. Then lo and behold, they have got you in there. What a great way to start the day.

I'm a long term canner but this year is my first attempt at a garden. I'm still planting and hopeful for the best. Mostly containers this year and I'll see how I do. I'm very interested in this new canning movement because I love to learn new recipes and different methods. I may start posting my own adventures as a new gardener on my website soon.

I found this link from the NY Times article and now I have you bookmarked. Great site, I hope to see more new posts from you. Out of curiosity, do you still sell your stuff at farmer's markets? I'm on the NY/VT border and I sometimes go to the Dorset market.

George,good to see- read your new posts.Your on my blog as blogs to follow.

What a beautiful blog. Thanks to the NYT for the link!

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