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11 August 2008


The chanterelles this year are AMAZING.
I have been thinking of dragging my bullet out of the shed...I think the Brit I imported is finally ready to eat smoked foods and I am ready to get some nice wood and start working on it. And I love the term...The Brown tck of Joy, I think that needs to be trademarked. I love mine so much that he actually drops off my packages at my back door tucked in under shelter.

Chanterelles for rhubarb! What a deal. I wish I had a chanterelle supplier.


IF you are 'taking up smoking' you may want to take a look at a wicked creature called The Big Green Egg. Ceramic cookers are still cult cooking toys and will likely continue to be. They take a little skill to handle they have a short learning curve that usually turns out to be a lot longer than any of us ever expected.

The shape, an Egg, retains moisture and acts something like a convection oven. The ceramic retains and disperses heat evenly.

Temperatures can be controlled easily from 250º for low and slow cooks to up over 1000º to sear a i 1/2" rib eye to perfection.

I've had low and slow cooks for pulled pork go over 20 hours and haven't had to add any lump or have the temperature move off of 250º!

FYI, I got your web site addy from the Mouthful's where you posted a response to Rail Paul on Hetty.

Gret site by the way. I've book marked it Thanks!

Oh, yeah...I know all about the BGE. But since I'm just starting out, I thought the Weber (at $200 on sale from Amazon, free shipping, no tax) was a bit saner place to earn my wings. If I turn out to be a champion, then maybe I can justify the expense of The Egg.

If you want to get serious about smoking, check out Bette Tucker's "Char Woman" and "Smoke Em If You Got Em".

when will you start cooking classes?

Every recipe I read of yours sounds delicious

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