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13 August 2008


I am SO making that instead of guignolet next year! Beautiful photos, George.

You are a god-damned genius.

Sour cherries are so great...I wish the season weren't so short!

Hi G, it's Jessica!
Your photos are GORGEOUS - what do you shoot with? I am saving for a DSLR, probably a Pentax to go with all the lenses I already own....

It's an old Sony DSC75 – 3 megapixel – from 2001. No special lenses or anything, I've just learned how to push it. Hard.

My dream camera is the Nikon D90; my original film SLR is a Nikon FM, and I have a decent range of lenses that should fit the D90. But I intend to buy a 50mm f/1.8 lens along with the camera. Which means I need a few months without plow-truck repairs, vet bills, and fuel oil deliveries. Maybe in May or June I can finally move on up in the camera world!

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