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08 July 2008


So glad to see all is well! I don't comment here all that often, but I've been checking in every week or so to see if there was a new post. Sounds like you've been frightfully busy! Are you going to be able to do the farmer's market this year?

This sounds very much like my grandmother's recipe, which was so beloved that it was mentioned at her funeral! You've inspired me to make it again this week.

Good to see you up and posting again. Beans and more beans - especially Rancho Gordo! Been eating far too many Cowboy Beans as of late- slow-cooked goodness at any time of the day.

We usually do our beans almost the same way except for the vinegar. I've never heard of adding vinegar to the recipe before and our recipe comes, handwritten from great grandma.

Somehow I would think the addition of the vinegar would help soften the beans in the slow cooker.

Otherwise the recipe you have is almost exactly the same except for some small variations in quantity.

I think the vinegar adds a nice tartness to balance the sweetness and spice. Next time you make your beans, pull out a small scoop when they're done and add a dribble of vinegar. You'll see what I mean.

I used a recipe from and older Joy of Cooking as my jumping off surprise, then, that it would be fairly traditional.

Wow, these beans are the heavy-artillery version of their more traditional cousins. Are you sure you didn't mean 1 TBSP. of cider vinegar? My beans reek of the stuff. Three extra cups of sugar later, the flavors are all out of balance, but they're palatable again. While I agree that a little vinegar is nice to balance a dish that's often too sweet, I honestly found this combination of flavors to be completely inedible.

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