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19 February 2008


Happy Anniversary GG and TJ! When you're in the cooking mood, nothing beats it! Thank you for sharing your experience with lamb. The lemon soufflés also look wonderful.

What a fabulous way to celebrate your union! And thank you for not charging me for the recipe. I will, however, need to know if there is more apple butter in them thar hills.

Lovely dinner, GG, and the perfect way to celebrate such a special occasion. Happy anniversary to you and TJ!

Happy anniversary to you and the mister. When you're in a cooking mood, the world is a better place. Well, unless you're a lamb.

Thanks for your Rack of Lamb tutorial. You've given me leave to make a dish I've wanted to but not had the confidence to tackle.

Lovely story too.

Thunk (and anyone else who takes on the rack) – do report back on your results. Any comments for improving the instructions would be most welcome!

Nice rack there missy!

Happy belated anniversary to you and TJ! Dinner sounds wonderful - you remind me that it's way too long since I last made a rack of lamb.

Congratulations and many happy years together.

I've never understood the urge for big weddings either (I've been a stage manager and know it's just another show). Mr. Fly and I got married at city hall in Toronto, then took a streetcar to lunch with close family and friends. That night we called in for pizza and watched TV! It was just how we wanted it.

The lamb sounds good but Mr. Fly thinks parnsips are the root vegetables of Satan ;)

Congratulations on your anniversary.

Those souffles are absolutely adorable.

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