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03 February 2008


Everyone will be very jealous. This was no doubt the greatest. My wife spoils me silly.

That is one gorgeous chicken pot pie. Very inspiring. I like the asparagus substitution, and roasting the chicken. But what I love the most is the gorgeous crust and the way you took the time to get it just right, fluting the edges and making the formation of slits just so.

Thanks, Lucy. That's something, coming from you. I'm flattered to find you reading here!

Oh lord, that looks SO delicious! Brilliant idea to roast the chicken.

That crust! Did it get soggy at all on the bottom? Would you lie to me and tell me it did?

Hah! I only put crust on top. Sog-free.

HAH! Brilliant! It looks like a double crust. Now, to get me some lard.

OH. MY. GOD. I haven't even had breakfast yet, and I started slobbering when I saw that. Jealous doesn't begin to cover it. I'd rather have your pot pie (at your house) than a meal at the French Laundry, and I'm not kidding.

ok, the inside...looks a mess.asparagus gimme a break. i would def. need more juice in that pie. it's a southern thing.

but that crust! the crust is money! gorgeous! i'm jealous! you go!

I am woefully behind on blog reading, but I am glad I finally got to see that gorgeous crust.

I made my last pot-pie with cheddar biscuits as a topping, but I think that the leftover filling i have in the freezer is going to get a real-live crust.

Mmmmm looks sooo good, I don't have a problem with pastry so will be trying this one out, Dh isn't fond of chicken but putting the Asparagus in will swing it for him LOL. Thanks so much for sharing, manifique!!!

That crust is gorgeous. I am doing to have to try this soon.

OMG!!! HMMMMMMMM . . . yummy
Can never have too many "chicken" ideas!

I finally perfected chicken and biscuits, but have always wanted to make a chicken pot pie and never did! This is certainly a more "grown up" elegant version and looks absolutely scrumptious. This is the recipe I will finally try! I will report back with the results.
Beautiful blog, too!

Stumbled across this post yesterday in my search for a recipe to use up some asparagus and chicken and wow! Just what I wanted. It took a bit of time, but boy was it worthwhile. I also used some compound butter I had to make the bechemel...truly outstanding.

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