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03 December 2007


Oh, Geeg. I'm sorry for Miles. So glad he got one last moment in the sun.

You are spot on about a roasted chicken being one of the most simple and comforting foods around. In the oven I always truss my birds, often stuffing them with apples and onion. The smell this generates is sublime. However my preferred method is standing up on a beer can. It may seem sort of crass, but the result is the absolute juiciest bird around; being steamed from the inside out. If you haven't tried it, give it a chance. Works well both in the oven and on the grill.
Anyway I'll be looking for that fennel pollen this week at the co-op.

Thank you my friend - I am in happy tears now reading about your lovely shoring up that you did for me, and remembering the warmth of good friends,food,and fire. It kept me going as I drove across the country. As I sit in my little apartment here in Napa, having just unpacked my kitchen wares, I think a roast chicken,ala GG, is in order.

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