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21 November 2007


But will you send some photos to your adoring fans? Please?

So who the heck is Vanessa?

I wish mom had made onions that way then maybe someone besides dad would have eaten them. Have you tried roasting brussels sprouts? Oven space may be at a premium tomorrow but if not, roast them with some shallots - yum.

Do you make a regular Pecan pie with corn syrup or do you use maple syrup.

In any case, happiest of Happy Thanksgivings to you, JB and the kids!

Vicariously yours, YKW

Vanessa, Vanessa...I seem to recall sharing a bedroom with someone named Vanessa throughout most of my childhood...Hmmmm.

So I lied about posting about Thanksgiving (though I could hardly have foreseen the mishap that prompted my post). Re: roasted brussels sprouts – it's generally the only way we cook them around here, but yeah...oven space, premium, etc., etc.

And yes, the pecan pie was with maple syrup; HFCS isn't allowed in the house – in ANY of its myriad disguises.

Is there any way I can persuade you to post your method for butter making? I live in Peru and we have zero access to buttermilk which I crave for biscuits mainly. Since I work as a corporate chef I´ve tried persuading our regular butter and mozzarella guy to make buttermilk but he added some weird culture to skim milk and it was disgusting. Please, please put me out of my misery!

About the onions: They are not just "edible" they are fantastic. I just completed the test run at 5:27 am. (sleep is overrated?) They are ON the menu. And about cranberry relish: we can't face Turkey Day without raw cranberry relish flavored with jalapenos, green onion, cilantro, lime juice and sugar. Crazy sounding I know but we are influenced by the flavors of our region. Sending Thanksgiving greetings from South Texas.

MMMM just found your blog! My sister in Massachusetts asked for a creamed onion recipe and I googled it. Turns out we will both be making this recipe, her from MA and me from across the pond in Italy!

I made these onions the second time today, and we love them! Thanks a lot for this great recipe.

This has become my go-to creamed onion recipe. The addition of wine is inspired genius.

I am cooking it today for an ex-pat Thanksgiving in Shanghai. Couldn't find pearl onions, so I substituted sliced red onions. Should be great.


Thanks for a great Creamed Onion recipe. It's the first one I came across tonight, and I won't be looking any further.

I always like the idea of mashed Yukon gold's, but when I tried they came out sticky and heavy. I think the only way to do mashed taters is with Idaho russets. They stay light and fluffy.

Don't forget the grated fresh ginger in the cranberry relish :-)

Thanks again,

Never had a problem with Yukon golds getting gluey. My go-to recipe for cranberries is this Cranberry Chutney:
Plenty of ginger in it. Happy Thanksgiving!

These onion are genius. Even my Mom would like them better than hers, and that's saying something! Thanks fr your great technique and delicious recipe!

Reading this again for 2013 - thanks so much!

just finished making this, fantastic recipe! can't wait for my family to taste it. read your comments on epicurious, hilarious. i've never liked that site. blessings and best wishes to you and yours!

Love those creamed onions. I've made them several times and wonder if they can be made ahead and stored in the freezer?

I've never tried freezing them, but I think they'd freeze beautifully!

I cooked these for the first time ever last week. Everybody raved about them!! I loved them!!! I pan sautéed them, probably for a bit longer than necessary, but they were sweet & carmelized & the sauce was not only gorgeous, but delicious!!! Oh, I did not have any cheddar in the house, so I subbed a nice sheep's milk cheese - yum!! Thank you for reviving one of my die hard faves from childhood!

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