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26 September 2007


It's worth the wait for me!

I sent the link to my girlfriend, Cynthia Sandberg, who is known in my neck of the woods as either "The Tomato Lady" or "The Egg Lady" up at Love Apple Farm. About half the 22 kinds of heirloom tomatoes we are growing this year came from her tomato seedling sales. I'll make sure I score one of these Jaune Flammée d'Orange from her next year.

Of all our tomatoes, the most prolific by FAR is a huge, pink French heirloom called Coustralee. They're D-cup tomatoes, and there are always about a dozen ripening on any given day.

I took some to a Mexican potluck yesterday at the office, and the gardening gal there pronounced them perfect, because they're "not too juicy." (Sometimes you want a juicy tomato, sometimes you don't.)

Anyway, I can send you some seeds if you want to give them a shot. We are definitely adding them to our permanent repertoire.

Goodness, that tomato tart looks absolutely delicious. Can't wait to try it out, and next year, I'm definitely making room for Jaune Flammée d'Orange. Thanks for sharing. Teresa

Well, I can now say I agree with you - after just one season growing these, they've made it to the top of my list. They have every attribute one could wish for - vigorous, productive, early-ripening, with a long season, great resistance to disease and neglect, and above all, a great taste and good looks. I finally have enough fruits to attempt your recipes - thanks for sharing! :)

PS - your food photographs are stunning.

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