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19 August 2007


I've been enjoying this site so much -- the design sense of both the pages and the packaging of the food itself is very compelling.

I noticed that your jar/lids look similar to some I ordered from Freunds, and I wondered what the general consensus is these days of using that kind of lid system for jams and jellies. Is it considered "safe" as opposed to the sealing two-part lids?

I'm exhausted now. Thanks. ;)

Someone else suggested to me a while back that there were safety issues with the one-piece lids. I've done a ton of research, and haven't found anything to support that position (except that, at one time, there was a one-piece design of a zinc lid with a porcelain seal, and these are no longer recommended [nor are they manufactured anywhere]). Both one- and two-piece lids incorporate threading to screw tightly to the jar and a soft plasticky-wax band to actually form the seal. With two-piece lids, the thread and the seal are on separate elements.

The two-piece lids were designed for economy; the outer threaded ring is endlessly reusable and the inner flat lid with the seal (often referred to as the “dome lid”), while made for single-use only, is cheap and can be purchased separately for replacement (usually in boxes of 12). Also, once the jars are cool (and the seal verified), the rings can be removed and the jars stored without them. In theory, one could keep one or two dozen rings in the house and can hundreds of jars, buying only the dome lids.

The reason the lids are not reusable is that the seal forms to the rim of the jar with heat and is thereby deformed and won't seal properly on a second use.

Needless to say, that's exactly what I wanted to hear. I suppose the issue with the one piece lid is that it's easier to verify the seal?

Anyway, the economy aspect makes sense but the difference in cost doesn't seem huge to me and the one-piece, as in your photos, looks much more professional.

Thanks for the answer!

I'll take what ever you have left, this weekend!

If this is not a picture of the most beautiful fig conserve I've ever seen than I don't know anything.

I'm chagrined to admit that today was the first time I've visited your blog GG, and mother of margarine am I happy I did! Man, if you didn't ever make me homesick for New England. Damn it.

I live in the south west of France and am currently innundated with figs from my two trees, thus looking for new recipes. I only use one piece lids as two-piece jar lids are very expensive in France. And my jars are always used jars, from bought products such as garbanzos, nut butters etc. They are very relable, free, and almost always seal. Some I have reused for years.

Question for those of you using one-piece lids: do you water-bath process your jams, or do you pressure-can them? Thanks in advance for advice!

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