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11 July 2007


Thassa some pitter, Rico. I think the slot has to be for exactly what you're using for - removing the stem at the same time as the pit. Brilliant!

No doubt, but do you think the darn thing came with any instructions? Noooooooo...

This is GENIUS. Until last week, I never actually used my cherry pitter for cherries -- it's an olive pitter for us, 99% of the time. But thank goodness I just bought two pounds of sour cherries to booze-cure. Now I can't wait to get home and try the patented GG pitting technique. :)

Ahh...genius. I have one of those tendonitis-inducing ones. Does a decent job, but is tiring. I just ordered a Westmark pitter--I'll be ready when the cherries are.

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