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28 June 2007


It's hardly fair to add your own comments, Georgy Girl (shit, will that get me killed?): I was refraining to keep the MouthfulsFood people from thinking I am stalking you.

Which I am. Because you amaze me. And because I DISCOVERED YOU. : D

Here's a little tale: I went to the fridge after Logan's mother visited and ate toast. With red stuff on it. I thought I would have to get rude, but thankfully, she'd only consumed half a jar of Swanton Berry Farm strawberry stuff. That, I can get aplenty.

I think I'll have to enjoy the rest of the jar in some kind of feast that honors your work, instead of hording it like one of those bastards who steals a Van Gogh and keeps it under locks in the basement in his regeneration parlor-bunker.

Meanwhile, I will pass this post along to Jordan Champagne. I wish I had the skills to do this shit. Wanna babysit a three-year-old?

Calling me Georgy Girl, or even just Georgy, will get you worse than killed. Of course, until about 6 years ago, calling me GG would have gotten you killed, too.

Mongo Jones discovered me first.

I am going to have to hijack some outdoor space but this will be done with the peaches and blackberries Davy brings home by the case. If we could develop a shuttle between his market van and your kitchen door, we'd be rich. Rich, I tell ya!

Let's talk.:)

Good news: I will have access to a sunny backyard this coming weekend. Will work with peaches, yes?

Will work wonders with peaches. You can never capture the flavor of fresh peaches in a jar, but by sun-cooking you can get closer than anything. Try making peach butter; I've got a recipe(ish) somewhere if you want it.

I made a lot of peach and peach/blackberry butter last year but I liked it more than the others in my party. I'll check Accuweather soon to see if the monsoon will be ending any time.

I just saw this today haha, and even tho we're in the beginning of December,I will DEFINITELY be doing this next summer! I remember my grandma doing it when I was little; she didn't do things with recipes, so no one in the family had one. The process is just as I remember; she used cheesecloth back then I believe. Thank you, I can now do this myself and pass it down to my daughter!

If I want to try this with the quantity of farm stand peaches I came home with (might it be a family history of farming - or poverty that makes me buy in epic proportions and have the uncontrollable instinct to can?) would you recommend I slice or cube them? Luckily I am down here in Texas where there is already no lack of sun.

I've just found your blog but am already grateful and pleased as if coming home.

I don't think it makes much difference...whatever you personal preference is. I actually purée the peaches (after the short cooking) and make Peach Butter.

My grandmother made this jam every summer, and I made it last summer. Not this particular recipe, but one similar. Fabulous. I found it in an old hand written family cookbook. It's 5:45 am and my kitchen is filled with the aroma of strawberries. Now to pray for a sunny Seattle day.

Can you give some more info on how you made the rhubarb jam? I am thinking you cooked it on the stove longer than you would for the strawberries. Also, can this be done with blueberries? Thanks!

Rachel, I don't cook the rhubarb any longer. Rhubarb falls apart very quickly once you start to cook it, and I prefer to have recognizable pieces of it in the preserves. This method works beautifully with blueberries, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, and apricots. There are probably other fruits you could use, but these are the ones I have experience with.

Thanks for the info on using rhubarb. Either I overcooked it or didn't have enough rhubarb, but it turned to fruit leather that my kids loved anyway!

I've sun-cooked peaches this week and this morning had mold growing in the peaches. Yikes - must I throw out the whole tray? Will the second boil in the pot kill all of the mold? Thanks!

You mentioned a "recipe(ish)" for peach butter using the sun cooked method in the above comments. Would you be willing to share? It would be most appreciated.

Nora, it's been a few years since I've made peach butter, and I never wrote down a recipe, per se...but any peach jam recipe will do. Just purée it and treat it to the sun-cooking method. Keep going until it's very, very thick.

I don't want to sound negative, but there are a couple of things. First, that guy's hypothesis might make sense, but it should be subjected to tests before we can say if it has any validity (I do grow all my fruit and vegetables organically, but I'm not convinced that makes them taste better in itself). Second, even organic produce should be washed - people can get food poisoning, as the surface of unwashed fruit and veg (especially ones not treated with chemicals) can have Salmonella, E. coli, etc. on them (it's rare but possible).

However, the sun cooking method sounds very intriguing! We don't have the heat here to do that reliably, so I'll have to imagine - though I wonder if sous vide cooking would produce a similar result? (That just occurred to me). Love your blog, as ever :)

Because I boil the fruit first before setting it out in the sun, I don't worry about mold, bacteria, etc. If I'm eating fruit raw, yes I'll generally give it a rinse (although you could argue that won't do much against microbial nasties).

Sous vide wouldn't work, since you've got it sealed in plastic...the goal is to evaporate off the water content to concentrate the fruit flavor. Friends have had success baking in a very low oven (175°F/80°C).

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